Enjoying Chapman’s Ice Cream

Gallery of the most recent photos taken for Chapman’s Ice Cream. Updated often. 🙂

Whatever you’re celebrating, wherever you’re celebrating it, there’s a Chapman’s ice cream for that.

Hot summer days, cousins, and Chapman’s No Sugar Added Vanilla ice cream. Memories made sweeter, without the added sugar.

It’s not watermelon… but it’s MANGGGGOOOO!

Caramel ice cream enrobed in Chapman’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee pieces, a combination so delicious it may attract attention from unlikely sources.

When Kai was asked what his favourite kind of ice cream was, he said… “PINK!”

Happy Canada Day!

Chapman’s, with you every step of the way.

No sugar added… because some of us are already sweet enough.

What every father really wants for Father’s Day.

Life is all about balance.

Twisters are SUPER DUPER good and all 4 varieties are peanut and gluten free!

It’s Friday — time to start your happy dance!

The only occasion when putting all your eggs in one basket is considered a good thing. Happy Easter!

Easter celebrations need real ice cream like bunnies need carrots.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter… a match made in heaven. Or in this case, Markdale, Ontario.

Who says a “birthday cake” needs to be made of actual cake?

Lazy Sunday afternoons are best spent with soft music and a sweet treat.

Sharing is sweeter without the worry. Peanut, nut and gluten free.

A fresh blast of flavour in every bite.

Drum roll, please! New flavours are coming soon…

The Weekend Happy Dance

Keep it simple, or mix it up… how do you scoop?

So… that’s where the missing mittens and ice cream went!

Do you daydream about summer all winter long?

Best friends eat together.

“Spa” day wouldn’t be complete without ice cream.

Bobbing for apples isn’t nearly as much fun as jumping for ice cream.

You’ve got mail!

A benefit of -20 Celsius weather… your ice cream won’t melt.

Happy 2018

Sights on the new year…

Special delivery for a special occasion.

So simple the kids can serve it up.

There is always a reason to smile, you just need to find it.

Who says your snowman has to be made of snow?

Little Brother’s First Christmas

Gluten Free and Peanut Free

Eat Dessert First

Sharing stories, souvenirs and ice cream.

100% Canadian Dairy, 100% Cute!

When your favourite ice cream goes on sale it’s time to stock up!

Best friends don’t care how silly you are.

How far would you go to have your ice cream all to yourself?

Life is all about balance.

A sprinkle of magic in every bite.

Do you prefer toppings on your ice cream?

Ice Cream pairs best with good company and laughter.

Mother and Son Moment

And just like that, dessert is served!

It’s the first day of fall, what are your plans?

No “lion,” these sandwiches are super delicious!

Perfect after-school snack, made with all natural colours & flavours.

Who will share your Chapman’s Ice cream with you?

Today’s forecast: Rainbows and Plenty of Smiles!


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