River House Rug Hooking

Owner, Jane Steele… pretending to take it easy, like that ever happens.

Heidi Jirotka-227

Heidi Jirotka-220

Heidi Jirotka-219

Heidi Jirotka-216

Heidi Jirotka-218

Heidi Jirotka-215

Heidi Jirotka-192

Heidi Jirotka-188

Heidi Jirotka-204

Heidi Jirotka-193

Heidi Jirotka-211

Heidi Jirotka-202

Some of Jane’s many, many beautiful creations.

Heidi Jirotka-203

Heidi Jirotka-200

Heidi Jirotka-199

Heidi Jirotka-198

Heidi Jirotka-057


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