What is Love?

“Love is seeing the world through a child’s eyes.” Lillian

“Love is Mommy and Daddy.” Aislyn age 3

Love is a baby’s giggle. Love is a baby’s kiss.” Heather

“Love is when you care for people and means you love them.” Amelia age 8

“Happiness is love.” Tammy

“Love is an unexpected hug. Love is what life is all about.” Belle

“Love is Mommy and Valentines Day.” Carter age 6

“Love is when my husband piles and labels the firewood for me.” Heidi

“Love is when people say I love you we know love.” Maggie age 3

“Love is sharing your life with someone you love.” DJ age 11

“Love is when a ladybug lands on your nose.” Thomas age 12

“Love is powerful. It pulls you to someone and holds you there like gravity.” Erica

 “Love is knowing someone you love more than yourself.” Cathy

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” Alena

“Love is when your mom kisses your forehead. Love is beautiful.” Thomas age 12

“Love is coffee. Is that what you meant? Love is accepting someone for who they are.” Jennifer

“Love is a smile.” Kim

“Love is laying next to someone and feeling energy running between you.” Alison

“Love is beautiful.” Jay

“Love is to never stop trying.” Brenda

“Love is when two hearts become one.Brenda J

“Love is family.” KM age 10

When her mommy asked, “What is love?” She said, “you.” ❤ Adelyn age 2.5

“Love is the universal key to peace and happiness.” Brenda J

“Love is family.” Michelle

“Love is the glue that keeps us together.” Pam & Clyde

“Love is when you do something nice for someone.” Anna

“Love is family.” Linda

“Love is gleefully playing Nintendo in your pajamas on a Saturday night.” Alison

“Love is Universal and Everlasting.” Brittany

“Love is something made by hand.” Jessica

“Love is respect and a good relationship, liking something or someone a lot and when your heart is bursting out.” Evan age 8

“Love is not hate. Love is when you don’t hate people.” William age 14


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